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Commercial Truck Repair

  An unexpected breakdown or repair request for your commercial vehicles can cause huge problems for fleet managers and their bottom line. In fact, unscheduled vehicle downtime can cost fleet managers between $448 and $760 per day, per vehicle. Combatting the cost of commercial truck repair means having a knowledgeable service provider to handle your trucks’ repairs and maintenance when you need it most.   STTC proudly provides exceptional repair and maintenance services to help fleet managers stay on the road for longer. Our team of highly-skilled technicians have the expertise necessary to handle all your urgent truck repairs and maintenance needs. Contact our team today to find out how we can help get your commercial fleet back on the road sooner than later.  

Commercial Truck Repair Services by STTC

  At STTC, our team has the skills and experience necessary to handle a wide range of truck repair requests. We proudly offer the following comprehensive services to address all your urgent repair and maintenance needs:  
  • PM Inspections
  • Suspension Repair & Maintenance
  • Exhaust Repair & Maintenance
  • Batteries & Electrical Systems Services
  • Transmission Repair & Maintenance
  • Software Diagnostics
  • Commercial Truck Alignments
  • And much more!
  Our team also provides preventative maintenance programs for fleet managers looking to reduce repair and replacement requests to improve their bottom line. With our available roadside assistance contract, you’ll always have 24/7 access to nationwide roadside assistance to help get your vehicle back on the road and avoid the excessive cost of unexpected downtime. Contact our team today to schedule your commercial truck repair and maintenance services!  

Benefits of Commercial Truck Repair with STTC

  Since 1955, STTC has delivered long-lasting, reliable maintenance services for commercial trucking fleets all over the country. We aren’t just committed to providing the highest-quality retreads and most reliable repair services: Our team is dedicated to providing the highest-quality customer care available. For us, that means the following:     When it comes to providing you with fast, efficient commercial truck repair services, there’s no better team available than STTC. Find out how we can help keep you rolling by contacting our team about our available long-term service contracts today!  

STTC for Your Commercial Truck Repair Needs

  Whether your commercial truck requires retread tires, or a preventative maintenance program, STTC has the products and services available to help you avoid unnecessary downtime. Keep your fleet on the road for longer by contacting STTC about our comprehensive commercial truck repair and maintenance services today.