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Commercial Tire Selection: The Importance of Choosing the Right Tires for Your Fleet

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Commercial Tire Selection

Commercial tire selection is a critical decision often among the big-ticket expense items for fleet owners and managers. By managing tire costs and making the right commercial tire selection, you can save money for your organization while avoiding downtime from tires wearing out prematurely. Making the optimal commercial tire selection not only benefits your organization’s finances, but it also keeps your customers, drivers, and even shareholders happier. Achieve these benefits by extracting the most value out of each tire through an effective commercial tire program.

Which Tire Fits Your Applications?

Commercial tires come in a wide range of specifications. Generally, the most important things to consider are the type of vehicle, how it is used, and the average weight of the load it must carry. Urban trucks that make deliveries all day long require different tires than a long-distance truck or a dump truck. Long haul tires won’t stand up to the rigorous stopping and starting of a delivery vehicle. A dump truck needs tires that can manage the rugged terrain it might encounter. Buying the right commercial tires for the application gives your tires the best chance to be used correctly for a longer life span.

How Does Your Company Maintain its Fleet’s Tires?

Commercial tire selection is not a one-time decision, it involves ongoing care and maintenance. Tires can’t take care of themselves, but with the right commercial tire selection, they typically present signs when something is wrong. Identifying these signs before the tire wears out as part of your commercial tire selection strategy can also save money and time. The health of your selected commercial tires directly influences a vehicle’s fuel efficiency, replacement costs, and safety improvements. Tires that are properly inflated – an essential aspect of commercial tire selection – save on fuel costs and reduce road blowouts, all impacting a company’s bottom line. Regular inspections by a trained tire technician, a crucial component of the commercial tire selection process, can prevent unexpected tire problems and costly repairs. Maintaining your fleet’s commercial tires through a trusted tire service center forms an integral part of your commercial tire selection strategy, a worthwhile investment that delivers good returns and peace of mind.

Commercial Tire Selection: Harnessing Tire Technology to Support Your Fleet

The commercial tire industry is developing new materials and technologies to meet the latest challenges faced by commercial fleets. Tire sensors report tire health in real time to drivers. STTC is proud to offer tire pressure monitoring systems that help keep a watchful eye on tire performance. Much of the latest cutting-edge technology for tires helps fleets manage tire assets more efficiently, giving drivers and mechanics fewer manual tasks to worry about. Ask us about tire technology that can improve tire performance and efficiency.

Consider a Commercial Truck Tire Program

A commercial truck tire maintenance program ensures that all tires are in good working condition, fit the truck’s application, and are maintained to extend each tire’s life span. With a good tire management program, fleets can minimize tire cost per mile, which ultimately maximizes profits. Tire management can include pulling tires before they wear out. Timely retreading will help extend the life of the casing. An effective tire truck program manages tire inventory and includes truck mechanical services that could impact tire tread and wear. Catch problems when they are small to avoid more costly repairs and extended downtime later.

STTC Can Help Your Fleet Lower Operating Costs on Commercial Tires

You want to fit your trucks with commercial tires that are sized correctly and have the load range required for the Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR). For the service conditions your fleet vehicles must endure, you also want tires with suitable speed capabilities.

The tire technicians with STTC have decades of experience in the commercial tire industry. We know how to solve your tire problems and to improve your tire performance to get more out of each tire. With knowledge about your fleet operations, we can advise you on selecting suitable tire design to meet your vehicle needs.

Making the right commercial tire selection can help your company save money and keep your drivers safe on the road. Whether you need guidance on commercial tire selection or other fleet matters, we’re here to help. Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to discuss the ideal commercial tire selection for your fleet.

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