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How Much Should I Pay Someone to Change the Tires on my Commercial Truck Fleet?

How much to pay to change the tires on my fleet of commercial trucks?

Owning or managing a fleet is a responsibility that comes with a list of ongoing tasks. The trucking industry is part of the infrastructure of our country, but you’re also responsible to your stakeholders to keep your operating costs at a minimum. Balancing safety against profits can often be difficult, especially in today’s economy. Tire maintenance is a significant expense for fleets of all sizes. Learn more about ways you can manage tire costs over the year and how choosing a mobile tire service can benefit your bottom line. Here we’ll also show you how much you should pay for someone to change the tires of your fleet of commercial trucks

Document Tire Use and Costs 

Before you can reduce your tire expenses, you need to know where you stand. Start by tracking how much tires cost your business each year. Use software to understand the financial information about your tires from cradle-to-grave. Don’t forget to include new tires that are included on new trucks. You should know where each tire was purchased, when it has been repaired or retreaded, and when it was replaced. Use technology to keep these records because it will be complex. Ultimately, these records will help you calculate the cost per mile of every tire, which can help you manage your tire expenses. 


Take Time for Tire Maintenance 

Train your fleet drivers on proper tire maintenance and give them time to perform inspections beyond just kicking the tires. Air pressure in each tire should be checked regularly to ensure each tire is properly inflated. Underinflated tires heat up, which causes excess tread wear and blowouts. When the temperatures dramatically change, tire pressure may need to be checked more often. Tires should be inspected before any trip to find cracks or bulges. Take trucks out of rotation to rotate tires at proper intervals. 


Retread Tires to Extend their Life 

Retread tires are cost-effective and dependable when the job is done by a qualified retreading tire firm. STTC has a process that analyzes the tire before retreading to determine if the tire will be safe to use after retreading. Statistics show that retreading saves the trucking and transportation industry over $2 billion each year. Make retreading part of your tire management program. 


Find an Experienced Mobile Tire Service

Tire mishaps are more likely to occur away from home base, even with the best tire management program. Control your down time expenses with an emergency mobile tire service from STTC. We try to get your truck repaired within 2 hours of your call because we understand that delays are expensive. We’re on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year – even holidays. Drivers and fleet managers can use our app to request service and track the status of your request. 


Know how much it will cost to change the tires of your fleet

We can’t tell you exactly how much it will cost to change your tires without having more information. However, what we can tell you is that with a mobile tire service, you will know exactly what you’ll pay each time you need service. Our technicians can help you manage your commercial tire costs with our service plans and simple billing. 

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