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4 Reasons Why You Should Only Go to a Certified Truck Repair Technician for Your Service

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Chances are, there are few investments more important to your business than your working vehicles.  From independent drivers to commercial shippers, trucks are the backbone of their operations.  They must be ready and kept in top condition at all times to guarantee high reliability and low operating costs. Rely on a Certified Truck Repair Technician for Your Service.

So why risk that investment -and the profit riding on it- on non-certified truck service outlets?

A fully-certified truck service operation brings benefits that go beyond bottom-line pricing.  Even if some independent outlets are promising lower in-shop or on-the-road prices, they may not be such a bargain when all things are considered.

Choose Certified Truck Service Repair Technicians

1. Guaranteed Expertise

How often have you gone to any sort of automotive repair shop -even for your own car- and heard them say, “I’m sorry, we don’t know how to work on that vehicle?”  Chances are, it’s rarely – if ever.  Just about any truck service shop will say they know how to do the work, but when a service tech is a factory- or dealer-certified, that means there’s proof they have all the necessary know-how.

2. Ongoing Recertification

The state of the art in truck manufacturing and truck repair is always advancing.  For a road service facility to remain certified, they must maintain the education level of their service technicians and be periodically tested for re-certification.  It helps guarantee the shop is always using the best and latest service procedures.

3. Warranty Support

Very often, maintaining the warranty on your truck, tires, and other components require taking it to certified service providers.  Certified servicers can offer repairs and add-ons which are covered under warranty, where an independent (un-certified) service cannot.  For example, many truck service locations offer tire retreading – but only a Michelin-certified tire retread service will continue to be covered under Michelin’s warranties.

4. Accountability

In a worst-case scenario, if you receive poor service from a certified facility, you have someone to complain to!  The dealers and manufacturers offering those certifications take their reputation seriously and will pay attention if customers report poor service from affiliate repair operations.

If you receive poor service from an independent operation, likely all you can complain to is Yelp!
At STTC, “Service Is Our Signature” and we care about customer satisfaction.  Our Service and Quality Assurance teams always have your back.

Choose STTC For Top Certified Truck Service

For over sixty years, STTC has offered the best in private and commercial tire services.  Contact your local STTC location for more information!

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