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Are Retreaded Tires Suitable for Your Commercial Truck? A Guide

Are Retreaded Tires Suitable for Commercial Truck

Experience the ripple effect of inflation hitting hard across industries, with commercial transportation taking a substantial hit. As the relentless surge in gas prices and escalating supply costs squeeze profit margins, fleet owners find themselves in a constant quest for savings. Enter the game-changer – tire retreading. Unveil the world of sustainable solutions that not only slash your commercial tire expenses but also champion eco-friendly business practices, aligning with the vision of savvy commercial fleet owners. Consider tire retreading and redefine your approach to cost-effective and environmentally conscious operations.


How Does Retreading Work? 


Gone are the days when tire retreading was merely seen as an art form, left to the discerning eye of seasoned experts. In the modern era, thanks to the marvels of computer technology, this practice has evolved into a precise science, revolutionizing the way commercial fleet owners approach tire maintenance.


At STTC, we’ve embraced this transformation with Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT), raising the bar for assessing the potential of each tire casing for retreading. With the capability to reuse tire casings three times or more, we understand the immense value this process holds for your fleet.


Our team of technicians, armed with cutting-edge technology, delves deep into every casing, meticulously inspecting for even the slightest defects. We utilize powerful tools that allow us to scrutinize every inch of the tire, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


However, it’s not just about savings; it’s about meeting and exceeding safety standards. We know that as a fleet owner, the bottom line is crucial for your business, but you never want it to be at the expense of safety. That’s why every finished retread undergoes a rigorous inspection, leaving no room for compromise. When we put the tire back on the road, you can confidently expect that you and your drivers will enjoy peace of mind.


Dispelling Retread Myths 


Gain insights into the intricate process of retreading, unveiling the secret to tires that match the safety standards of brand new ones, all while sparing your budget from the burden of new tire expenses. Elevate your fleet management game by embracing the power of retreads! Our team has busted some common myths below—keep reading, start retreading!

Myth #1 – Retread tires are not safe. 

All types of vehicles in many industries use retread tires. Ambulances, school buses, military trucks, and aircraft use retreads in their regular operations. Retread tires are just as safe as new tires when they are properly maintained. 

Myth #2 – Retread tires clutter the road with rubber when they blowout. 

Many studies show that the rubber on the side of the road is from both new tires and retread tires. Tires on commercial trucks blowout from overloading, under-inflation, and lack of maintenance. Retread tires that are well-maintained perform just as well as new tires. 

Myth #3 – Safety requirements are lower on retread tires. 

The Department of Transportation sets high standards for retread tires. All retreads are marked with a code on the sidewall, just like new tires, to know when it was re-treaded. Retreaders using the Michelin retreading technology have advanced computer technologies that are unique to Michelin so their retreads have improved quality. 

Myth #4 – Retread tires won’t perform as well as new tires. 

Retread tires can be made with the same tread patterns and compounds as new tires. As long as the tire casing is sufficient to handle the retread, tire retreading offers high-performing tires at a fraction of the cost. 

Partner with STTC for Commercial Tire Retreading 

For over 60 years, STTC has been in the industry, providing new commercial tires for trucks of all sizes and grades. We have a full range of tire services, from wheel balancing to tire retreading. Our experts will find solutions for your tire problems. 


Give us a call now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to make an appointment to tour our tire retreading facility. Our approach to tire retreading is transparent to give you confidence for safety and durability when using retread tires. 


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