If your fleet operates within the off-the-road (OTR) industry, you already know how important proper tire selection is. It’s imperative for fleet managers to keep up with industry trends and products to ensure they’re allocating their tire budget wisely. Recent industry developments have introduced a new application for low sidewall OTR tires outside of their traditional use in agricultural vehicles. As low sidewall OTR tires are now used for construction and mining fleets, more managers are experiencing first-hand the benefits of choosing these robust alternatives.

Low Sidewall OTR Tires

What is Low Sidewall OTR Tire Technology?


Low sidewall tire technology was designed to help equipment operators be more productive while on the job. These tires feature a larger rim diameter and smaller sidewall than traditional tire options. Through these modifications in tire design, low sidewall OTR tires can reduce power hop, road lope, and soil compaction.


In addition, low sidewall tires allow for carrying the same weight at 40% less inflation than standard OTR tires. Low sidewall tires are also more durable, offering decreased flexibility and sway to reduce the chance of recoil and bouncing while working. As a result, these tires provide fleets with improved efficiency, safety, and durability.


Benefits of Low Sidewall OTR Tires in Mining & Construction


Agricultural workers have reaped the benefits of low sidewall OTR tires since the 1990s. However, these tires make an excellent choice for those operating within the mining and construction industry as well. Benefits of using these tires include the following:


Reduced Material Loss

When operating in unpredictable terrain, vehicles will often spill materials being moved from one location to another due to recoil and bounce. Thanks to low sidewall tire construction, recoil is reduced to save equipment operators time and money on unnecessary cleanup.

Increased Stability

Low sidewall tires provide increased stability, which in turn provides your equipment operators with improved safety while on the job.

Quicker Recovery

While traditional tire options may be less expensive, fleet managers often don’t account for the money spent on recovery due to choosing cheaper tires. Low sidewall tires enable quicker recovery times, creating a much more efficient and profitable workday.


There are many low sidewall tires to choose from, and selecting the right brand is just as important as making the switch to a better performing tire. STTC offers a wide range of low sidewall OTR tire products with partnership plans designed specifically with fleet budgets in mind.


STTC Low Sidewall OTR Tires for Your Fleet


Ready to bring low sidewall tires to your OTR fleet? STTC has all of the products and services you need to bring improved performance, safety, and efficiency to your fleet. With a wide selection of OTR tires, partnership plans, and retreading services, there’s no task our team of expert tire technicians can’t handle. Allow us to outfit your fleet with the tires they need to succeed by contacting STTC today!


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