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STTC is committed to providing a safe working environment for every employee, visitor, and customer at every STTC location.

Safety Commitment

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent work-related injuries and accidents through the recognition, evaluation, control, and elimination of hazards
  • Promote awareness of occupational safety issues and safe work practices and procedures
  • Maintain compliance with all federal and local occupational safety regulations
  • Support employee involvement in all aspects of safety

STTC Responsibility Overview


  • Follow established safe work procedures
  • Wear personal protective equipment when required
  • Comply with all safety policies and regulations
  • Alert supervisors to any unsafe practices or conditions
  • Conscientiously fulfill your safety responsibilities


Managers & Assistant Managers:

  • Implement and manage the safety program for your respective branch

Safety Manager:

  • Manage the development and implementation of the safety program
  • Monitor the implementation of the safety program at all locations

Senior Management:

  • Provide the necessary resources to implement and maintain an effective safety program
  • Support employee involvement in all aspects of safety

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