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A Guide to the Importance of Quality Tire Retreading

Importance of Quality Tire Retreading
Importance of Quality Tire Retreading

Retread tires are helping fleets reduce their cost per mile while limiting maintenance expenditures. But not all tire retreading companies can deliver the required level of product quality fleets need to keep their vehicles safe for the years ahead. In this latest post, we’ll look at the importance of quality tire retreading and how you can ensure your retread tire supplier is committed to quality control.

Quality retread tires have greater durability

The studies show that companies employing a higher standard of quality control can conserve their tire inventories, creating significantly greater durability. The variances in the marketplace can mean that some retread tires last 75% of the lifetime of a new tire while others will last the same length of time as a new tire, so investigating your retreading specialist can help drive value in the process.

Casing quality is a factor in performance

The quality of the casing used in the retreading process is a critical factor in the performance of the tire. Retread tires rely on optimal casing integrity to ensure that every inch of the retread material holds precisely and securely to the tire. Without this foundation to the process, numerous maintenance problems can arise, and companies will find they’re spending more money to repair the tire in the long-term.

Testing must be performed to determine roadworthiness

Some third-party suppliers from outside North America don’t perform adequate tests for road worthiness before selling their tires on the open marketplace. This can mean that the tire provided is unfit for commercial use and may be dangerous if placed on a truck. During the testing process, tires are recapped and wrapped with a new tread. This newly formed tire should then be tested in various conditions to ensure it handles a range of high-stress conditions, including rough terrain and quick changes in vehicle speed.

Quality retread companies can offer maintenance guidance

When you’re working with a reputable tire retreading company, you’ll receive guidance about the maintenance of the tire. This can help you to keep the tire in optimal condition for the years ahead and will allow you to mitigate any long-term, costly repair issues. The company should also provide you with a warranty protecting you from tire loss resulting from the retreading process. It’s important to consider the quality of the retread tires used in your fleet. To learn more about this topic, call our team today.


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