Tips for commercial trucking road safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects of managing a commercial trucking fleet. Ensuring your truckers are practicing safe driving techniques is paramount not only to their safety but to keeping your vehicles safer for longer. Both your drivers and your commercial trucks will be able to stay safe on the road for longer following these four top tips for commercial trucking road safety.

Manage Your Speed

Speed limits exist for a reason, and many times the speed limit for trucks is lower than those set for other vehicles on the road. These speed limits are designed to maintain the flow of traffic while giving drivers ample reaction time in case of an emergency. By staying within the speed limit, drivers can stay safer en route or while making their commercial trucking deliveries. Additionally, by managing a steady speed and not fluctuating between faster and slower speeds, drivers can reduce fuel consumption and save money for their fleets.

Perform Routine Inspections

Your drivers should be well-trained in performing routine inspections on their vehicles while on the road. Before each trip, they should check their tire tread, inflation, fuel, and visually inspect the vehicle for any damage that could potentially lead to mechanical malfunction or roadside breakdown. Whenever your driver makes a stop, these tasks should be performed once again before reentering the vehicle and continuing the trip. Not only will this help you avoid the need for roadside assistance, but doing so is a form of preventative maintenance that can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Maintain Proper Stopping Distance

Trucks need a larger space between vehicles in order to maintain a safe stopping distance. Because the vehicle is heavier, it takes a longer time for the truck to come to a complete stop. By following too closely, drivers can put themselves and others in danger. Not only this, but failure to maintain proper stopping distance can lead to excess wear and tear on your brakes, resulting in a higher risk for future accidents to occur. Make sure your drivers understand what a safe stopping distance looks like in their vehicles before setting out on the road.

Partner with Roadside Assistance from STTC

One of the best ways for fleet managers to ensure their drivers are safe on the road is by partnering with a roadside assistance provider like STTC. With STTC’s roadside assistance, drivers will have access to over 250 service vehicles from more than 50 STTC locations nationwide.

Our rapid response team consists of TIA-certified tire technicians, giving you the best recommendations for how to proceed based on their assessment of your vehicle’s damage. Easy reporting and customized billing make your roadside assistance experience even better, with our team working hard to ensure your vehicle gets back on the road safely in no time. Contact STTC today to find out more about how partnering with our roadside assistance program can help your commercial trucking fleet stay safe on the road.


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