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Our Experts for Commercial Truck Tires Explain 25 Ways Reduce Truck Fleet Costs

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25 Ways to Reduce Truck Fleet Costs

Your truck fleet requires continuous assessment to ensure that you’re achieving full value for your money. Our experts for commercial truck tires at STTC are leaders in the fleet management field, and in this latest post, we’re highlighting 25 ways to reduce truck fleet costs.


  1. Use a preventative maintenance program to minimize downtime and reduce expensive repairs
  2. Winterize your vehicles by checking cooling systems, commercial truck tires, and electrical systems
  3. Check air filters regularly to minimize engine damage
  4. Inspect hoses and belts for fraying and signs of structural damage
  5. Check fluid levels to ensure the vehicle runs smoothly on the road

Driver guidance

  1. Start a company committee to discuss ways to save costs
  2. Create a driver training program to incentivize fuel savings
  3. Use automated routing to help drivers cut down on costs
  4. User automated reporting to monitor fuel performance over time
  5. Implement regular driver training programs

Safety improvements to reduce truck fleet costs

  1. Build a safety program that helps mitigate accidents and reduce insurance premiums
  2. Offer driver seminars on improving winter driving techniques
  3. Hold a back-injury seminar to reduce sick days and improve productivity
  4. Improve visual inspections to ensure trucks remain in ideal operational condition
  5. Keep all safety-related paperwork in order to ready team for safety audits

Specifications for new vehicles

  1. When reviewing vehicles, make sure the components are designed to maximize fuel efficiency
  2. Aerodynamic features can be cost-effective, make sure that you analyze the addition of these features for your vehicles
  3. Learn the weight of the components in the new vehicle, as heavy components can limit fuel efficiency
  4. Draw up a process for buying fuel-efficient vehicles for the company
  5. Have current vehicles tested regularly to determine replacement potential

Driver behaviors that would help reduce truck fleet costs

  1. When starting trucks, drivers shouldn’t rev the engine but wait for the engine to warm up on its own
  2. Drivers should avoid idling when possible
  3. Warming up the vehicle for longer than 10 minutes has no benefit for the engine and wastes fuel
  4. Guide drivers on running their vehicles at the most fuel-efficient speeds
  5. Ensure drivers and fleet management teams communicate to determine unsafe, or improper use of the vehicle from the moment it occurs

Our team at STTC has over 60 years of experience offering the market’s best performing commercial truck tires to fleet operators across the country. To discover more about fleet management, call our trusted experts today at the location nearest you!

Truck Fleet Cost Reduction Checklist

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