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May 2022

Guide to Truck Driver Retention

  • May 18, 2022
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Guide to Truck Driver Retention

Sometimes, Things Like Roadside Assistance Matters The trucking industry continues to struggle under the weight of too few drivers. One Statista report found that the industry needs 162,000 new drivers by 2030 to meet growing demand, noting that driver shortage is one of the largest problems in the industry.  Considering this demand for qualified drivers,

How the War in Ukraine Is Further Disrupting Global Supply Chains

  • May 06, 2022
  • Articles, Tire Service,

Could It Impact Your Commercial Tire Repair Needs?   There’s nothing short of shock that can explain how most people worldwide feel about what’s happening in Ukraine. The impact on lives is incredibly tragic. Reports now indicate that the Russian invasion may also impact the global supply chain. That may mean the next time you

Signs You Need to Replace Your TPMS Sensor

  • May 04, 2022
  • Road Service, Tire Service,

How Roadside Assistance Can Be There to Help   As you’re driving down the highway on a cold day, a warning light gives you pause. Your tire pressure is low, which could predict a possible blowout if you do not take action. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) provides this warning, and it should not

The Retreading Industry Explained

  • May 11, 2022
  • Tire Retreading,

And the Myths Surrounding It   Trucking fleets and commercial vehicle owners use retread tires on a consistent basis. Yet, there continues to be a lack of understanding of the industry and a few misconceptions to go along with it. There’s no doubt the biggest benefit is in saving money when purchased over a new

What Are the Advantages of Having Aluminum Wheels?

  • May 25, 2022
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What Are the Advantages of Having Aluminum Wheels?

When it’s time to bring your vehicle in for commercial tire replacement or service, one decision you may need to make is about the type of wheels that are best for your vehicle. There are two main options: aluminum wheels and steel wheels. Which is better? Get informed about the pros and cons of each