Drive any interstate and you’ll probably see dozens of pieces of tire remnants along the side of the road. These tire parts are usually from commercial trucks. Tires from 18-wheeler often shred. Although it’s commonly thought that many of these tires are retreads, the reality is that new and old tires, whether retreaded or not, can shred. Most drivers don’t go back and pick up the remnants. The driver may not hear the tires shred, so they can’t just stop and pick up the pieces. Here’s what to know about commercial truck tires and why they shred. 


How Many Miles Do Truck Tires Last?  

A single truck driver can log between 600 and 650 miles per day, which easily adds up to over 156,000 miles per year, working just 5 days a week. Even so, commercial tires should last three to six years, when they’re maintained correctly. The problem is that many other factors can impact tires, so they can and do break down much quicker than their expected lifespan. The weather, traffic conditions, the route, and the inflation of the tire can affect the life of a tire

Why Do Commercial Tires Blow Out? 

Tires blow out for many reasons, but the most common reasons are that the tires aren’t properly inflated or are too worn down. An underinflated tire flattens against the road. This causes the tire to buildup heat, which reduces the adhesive properties of the glue holding the tire together. Without anything to hold the tread to the tire, it essentially comes loose and falls off. 18-wheeler Tires that are worn down will shred because they are ready to fail. Because we’ve seen an increase of trucks on the road over the past few years, we’re going to see an increase in tire shreds. 

Are Retread Tires Safe? 

Commercial tires are expensive. Some truck companies do retread tires to make the tires last longer. When done properly, these tires are just as safe as new tires. School buses, military jets, and ambulances all use retreaded tires. Retreading tires saves money. Some estimate that tire retreading can save over $2 billion annually to the trucking and transportation companies. Retreaded tires are also environmentally friendly, using 13 less gallons of oil to produce a retreaded tire over a new tire. Be assured of the quality of retread tires of your fleet by using a qualified tire company that explains their process with you. It’s generally recommended that steer tires are not retreaded for commercial trucks that are regularly on the highway. 

Work With a Qualified Team of Tire Specialists to Retread Your Commercial Tires 

High-quality retreaded tires can be part of your tire management program when you work with the team at STTC. Before we retread any tire, we assess its capability and foundation to make sure it can withstand being on the road. 

Call us now at 610-954-8473 or contact us online to learn more about our tire retreading process. Keep your drivers safe and productive while protecting other drivers on the road by using high-quality retreaded tires.


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