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10 Fuel-Saving Techniques to Make Your Fleet More Efficient

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Fuel saving techniques STTC

It’s no secret that operations costs for commercial trucking fleets have dramatically increased in the past few years. Fleet managers need alternative methods to help stretch their budgets and improve efficiency. These 10 fuel-saving techniques will help you save money on fuel costs for your fleet, reduce your semi truck tire repair costs, and improve overall efficiency in your trucks.

10 Fuel-Saving Techniques

Telematics System

With a telematics system, you and your drivers are always connected so you can monitor fuel consumption habits, helping you to make better business decisions in the future on fuel spend.

Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

Trucks equipped with AMTs account for 1 – 3 percent increases in fuel economy, meaning less money spent on gas for your fleets. Some businesses are making the switch so 100 percent of their new vehicle orders are calling for AMTs.

Tire Monitoring/Inflation Systems

Even a tire that’s under-inflated by as little as 10 psi can lead to as much as a 1 percent increase in fuel consumption. Some tire monitoring and inflation systems are automated, leading to increased tire longevity and decreased risk of roadside breakdown and required mechanical services.

Trailer Skirts

Trailer skirts help keep trucks more aerodynamic, reducing drag on trailers to improve fuel consumption.

Trailer Tails

Like trailer skirts, trailer tails help improve aerodynamics to reduce fuel spend. Modern models don’t require driver intervention, causing trailer tails to increase in popularity among commercial truckers.

Idle Reduction

As much as 45 percent of a driver’s time is spent idling. Moreover, idling is responsible for burning around 3 billion gallons of fuel each year. Technologies exist that reduce idling, leading to decreased fuel spend and improved efficiency.

Solar Panels

Trucks have been improved to include solar panels to augment power coming from the alternator and improve energy efficiency. Adding solar panels to your fleet can help provide additional charging to telematics/tire monitoring/inflation systems, reefer units, and electric liftgates as well.

Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Rolling resistance contributes to 30 – 33 percent of fuel spend for commercial trucking fleets. Make the switch to low rolling resistance tires to improve fuel efficiency and reduce total spend for your fleet.

Tractor Aerodynamics

Newer truck models have been designed to have more aerodynamic tractors. Better aerodynamics result in improved fuel efficiency as less resistance is applied to your truck during travel.

Electronic Engine Parameters

Fleet managers now are choosing to fine tune these parameters to get significant gains in fuel economy. The end result could be as much as an 8 percent increase on fuel efficiency.

Let STTC Help Save on Your Fleet Fuel Costs

The best way to improve fuel efficiency and reduce your truck’s mechanical services is by partnering with a service provider. STTC offers fleet managers a range of helpful tools, allowing them to better track their assets and make better business decisions. Contact our team to find out more about how partnering with STTC can help your commercial trucking fleet’s operational costs.

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