Since 1955, Service Tire Truck Centers has provided our customers with an array of specialized services designed to minimize downtime and keep vehicles running at peak performance. 

truck road service 24 hour 7 days a week

Nationwide 24/7/365 Road Service

Getting back on the road is as easy as calling 1-800-684-TIRE.

Michelin Tire Retreaders

New Tires

The world's highest-performing tires roll out of STTC every day.

trucking road service

Tire Services

Ready Rack mounted tires, match mounting, flat repairs, and more.

wheel reconditioning

Wheel Reconditioning

Our custom process enhances vehicle appearance and improves safety.

preventative tire maintenance

Preventative Tire Maintenance

Minimizes downtime and keep vehicles running at peak performance.

truck tire maintenance

Vehicle Service

An array of vehicle services designed to maximize your cost per mile.

tire tracking software

Asset Tracking

Tire tracking software lets you keep track of every tire in your inventory.

truck delivery

Distribution & Logistics

Timely asset turnaround and delivery you know you can count on.

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