Service Tire Truck Centers now selling Aeris by Stemco

Service Tire Truck Centers is now a Value Added Resellers (VAR) for Stemco Inc.’s latest product, Aeris by Stemco. Along with the BATRF system, which STTC already sells, Aeris by Stemco offers fleet’s additional tire pressure management solutions.

Stemco recently announced the release of Aeris by Stemco, an advanced automatic tire inflation system based on patented rotary sealing technology and precision electronic airflow detection. The system is designed to keep commercial trailer tires properly inflated using air pressure from the trailer’s braking system.

The rotary seal employed in Aeris by Stemco is targeted to increase the reliability and durability of these components substantially. According to Stemco, the rotary seal in an automatic tire inflation system is a critical component; it prevents the higher pressures needed to inflate commercial tires (typically 100 psi) from leaking into the wheel end, which can handle no more than 6 psi.

Excess pressure can cause the wheel end seal to fail prematurely, causing lubricants to exit the hub and leaving moving parts susceptible to wear and seizure. Aeris by Stemco also includes several one-way pressure relief valves per axle designed to ensure that the wheel-end is never pressurized.

Aeris by Stemco also includes a sensitive electronic flow detection technology designed to inform the driver whether the system is making a minor adjustment to tire pressure or if a major leak is present. A “Smart Sense” wheel end identification option will inform the driver which wheel end is taking air – which Stemco says will save time and labor in the search and repair of tire leaks.

“This product represents a leap forward in automatic tire inflation technology,” says Bob Montgomery, vice president of Stemco’s Intelligent Transportation Systems group. “We started with an unwavering commitment to increase the safety of our roadways by protecting the wheel end from damaging air pressure, and then added several additional safeguards and features. We have also been very impressed with the reliability and durability of the critical wear components.”

Aeris augments the company’s BatRF by Stemco tire pressure monitoring systems to complete its suite of tire pressure management solutions, Montgomery says.

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