STTC Announces Two New Earthmover Tires from Michelin

December 7, 2017 - Bethlehem, PA-based STTC has just announced they’re now offering the two latest tires for the Earthmover line from Michelin. The company’s product range now includes the two new tire sizes for the XHA 2 loader tire for small and medium-sized wheel loaders. The two new sizes are the 17.5R25, which is designed for small-wheeled loaders, and the 775/65R29, which is designed for medium-sized  loaders.

XHA 2 17.5R25 Specs

The new XHA 2 17.5R25 is designed to minimize the number of flats by offering a greater volume of interior rubber within the tire and a deeper tire tread. The wheel features a specially-designed sidewall compound and shoulder strength to improve impact resistance. The 775/65R29 for the XHA 2 is designed with improved stability and a low-profile design. The  tire also features a wider footprint that boosts traction on all surfaces and improved heat resistance. 

STTC Has the Tires You Need

Choosing the latest tires from trusted manufacturers such as Michelin can help operators reduce their maintenance issues and improve project productivity. The team at STTC are long term suppliers of Michelin tires to clients across the United States, and has recently announced they’re offering two new size options for those seeking tires for Earthmover industries.

About STTC

To discover more on the newest tires from the team at Michelin, speak with experts at STTC today. Their team is available now via 610-991-8641 or through their business website at


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