The Many Types of Road Service Available Through STTC Road Assist™

Here at STTC, we've designed our Road Assist™ road service programto include as many different kinds of service as possible - all so that you can get your truck or working vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. All you have to do is call 1-877-748-2825 and we'll be on the scene ASAP - usually in under two hours, no matter where you are, anywhere in the country.

While there are limits to what can be repaired by the roadside, we still offer plenty of services that will help you get yourself - and your cargo - back up and running, fast.

What Services Can You Get Through Road Assist™ Road Service?

1 - Tires

STTC has been the Northeast’s tire specialist for over sixty years, and we focus on trucks and other large working vehicles.  No matter what type of vehicle you're operating, or how big, we offer the fastest on-the-go tire service you're likely to find anywhere.  Whether you need a tire repaired, or a full replacement, we'll get you running again in record time.

2 - Roadside Repairs

Our mechanical service vehicles come with a full stock of parts and equipment which are capable of taking care of many common issues that might come up during a haul, such as thrown belts. We'll arrive on the scene, diagnose your trouble (if you didn't already know) and do whatever we can to fix it then and there.  

3 - Towing Services

If your vehicle is suffering from a problem that needs a full repair bay, we don't leave you stranded.  We'll tow you to the nearest appropriate service location so you can get your repairsunderway as quickly as possible.  

4 - Locksmithing

Don't worry, it's happened to everyone at some time or another.  If you've locked your keys in the cab, lost your keys, or are otherwise locked out of your vehicle, we can get it taken care of quickly and discreetly.  

5 - Fuel Delivery

Sometimes you just can't quite make it on your tank, and there aren't service stations that your vehicle and cargo can fit into.  If you're out of gas, STTCcan give you enough to make it to the next major stopover for a full refill.

No Matter Where You Are, Call 1-877-748-2825 for Road Service

That's all it takes. STTC is here for you, anywhere in the country.


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