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It's important to learn more about the road service that you're choosing when running a full-time trucking fleet. Our STTC team is known for offering a superior road service system, with more than 250 quick-response service vehicles, and in our latest post we'll highlight common questions about our road service.

Question: What is Your Average Response Time?

Answer: In most cases, we can be onsite within 90 minutes of dispatching the service call. However, it's important to note this can vary based on weather, distance, and demand. We make it a point to keep you up-to-date via constant contact during  each emergency road side event.

Guaranteed to have you up and running within 2 hours of your call (Tires Only).

Question: What is the Invoicing Process?

Answer: If your company has an active account with STTC, you will receive a standard invoice direct from STTC. If that is not the case we accept cash and major credit cards, or could bill your company’s national account to minimize your roadside time challenges during the RoadAssistTM process. Our road service team can guide you on the total cost and options before the time of the service then ensure you’re aware of all pricing details within the documentation.

Question: Who Will Provide the Service?

Answer: Each of the STTC road service team members has compressive experience in managing roadside truck issues. Our team follows the latest safety precautions set out by the industry, is certified by the Tire Industry Association, and can complete work in the most efficient timeframes.

Question: What Type of Roadside Service Can You Provide?

While we specialize in resolving tire issues, there are a number of other maintenance solutions we can provide roadside. For example, we can also fix many mechanical maintenance issues and small repair items using the tools and commonly needed parts we carry in our assistance vehicles.

Question:  What are Your Tow Services?

Answer: In the event that we cannot get the vehicle back up and running at the side of the road, our tow team will take the vehicle to the nearest STTC facility and ensure quality work is completed quickly on the truck. This helps consolidate the time it takes to get the truck back on the road.

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Our RoadAssistTM team at STTC is here to help you take on all roadside maintenance requirements with expertise and precision. To learn more about our services and the expertise of our team, call our offices now!

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