Economic and Environmental Benefits of Tire Retreads

Should you embrace retreads for the tires in your truck fleet? More and more sources are saying yes!  Despite some earlier problems with the technology, in previous decades, modern tire retreads are an excellent choice for virtually any working fleet, with numerous benefits across the board.

If you have been avoiding tire retreading due to worries about their safety or effectiveness, it may be time to rethink the situation.

Five Reasons to Embrace Tire Retreading in Your Operations

1. You have lower costs.

Perhaps the most compelling argument is also the simplest: tire retreads are much less expensive than new tires! They generally cost half or less of what a new tire costs. On top of that, most good-quality tires can support multiple retreads over the years, so those cost savings will only stack up as you repeatedly expand the life of your tires.

2. Retreading is entirely safe.

There's no room for discussion on this: Modern tire retreads are 100% as safe and reliable as new tires. Even the US government mandates retreads whenever possible, as a cost-cutting measure. They undergo the exact same testing and certification as new tires. In fact, with Michelin-sponsored tire retreads, the resulting tires even get the exact same Michelin warranty as new tires!  

Would Michelin be offering like-new warranty support to inferior tires?

3. Retreads have the same lifespan as a new tire.

Again, when you have a tire retreaded, it truly comes out like new.  That includes its expected service life. As long as they are properly maintained and inflated - like any tire - a retreading can easily last just as long on the road as a brand-new tire.

4. Retreaded tires are good for the environment.

Huge amounts of petroleum-derived rubber are used in truck tires every year. Retreads help reduce that. A retreaded tire uses less than half as much new rubber as an entirely new tire. So every retread on the road is helping reduce the world's dependence on dwindling oil supplies.

5. Any kind of tire can be retreaded.

Any tire, big or small, can be retreaded - even giant earthmovers. With the right equipment from the right shop, retreading is always an option.

Get Top-Quality Tire Retreading From STTC

Our Michelin-certified retreading process is among the best in the industry. Contact your local STTC today to start saving money on retreaded tires!


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