Choosing Between New and Retread Tires

When deciding between new and retread tires, it’s important to make the choice based on the latest information within the marketplace. Our team at STTChas decades of experience in tire sales and within this latest post, we’re highlighting the process for deciding between new and retread tires.

  •   The Value of Retreads

One of the main concerns that fleet operators have with retread tires is that they believe the retreads don’t hold as much value as the new tires. But this notion has been proven to be inaccurate. Going through the retread process will allow operators to save on the price of new tires while utilizing their casing thus lowering the total cost of operation. . Retread tires do not add to the insurance cost for the fleet operator. Nor will they pose any safety concerns during use. When purchased through a trusted specialist such as STTC, retread tires will last for many years and perform just as well as new tires.  If you buy higher quality new tires and use a reputable retread service then your casing can be retreaded multiple times allowing you to get the most savings from your initial investment.

  •  Considerations to Make Within the Process

As with any business decision, it's important that fleet operators consider the numerous factors involved in making their final choice. One of the most important considerations is the specialist chosen for the retread tires. Do they have the equipment and do they follow the ideal process for ensuring retread quality? The team here at STTC exclusively uses Michelin Retread Technologies for their retreading process, thereby ensuring they achieve the highest standards available throughout the industry. Another clear advantage of carefully choosing the retread specialist is that the company will have a proven system and their team will have completed many hundreds of thousands of retreads in the past. This ensures that they have a customer-base with which you can communicate to ensure the quality of the tires matches your market requirements.

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Our team at STTC has decades of experience matching up fleet operators across the industry with the finest quality retread tires and new tires in the market. We can help meet your operation’s need for quality retread vehicle tires that provide lasting value  and within a short timeframe. Take the time now to work with our specialists to discuss our tire options. Quality, reliable retread tires are now just a phone call away.


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