Best Practices for Mobile Tire Service and Repair

Since 1955, STTC has been trusted to provide tire repair, retread, and replacement services for a wide variety of fleets and fleet vehicles around the country.  Whether the service is being handled in one of our shops, or on the road through our Road Assist™ mobile tire service, we ensure every job is done quickly, thoroughly, and safely.

Get Back On the Road with Truck Service from STTC

Since 1955, STTC has been proud to provide the very best in tires and other services to trucks and other working vehicles across the Northeast.  STTC truck service centers are conveniently-located at more than fifty locations throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, and Virginia.

The Many Types of Road Service Available Through STTC Road Assist™

Here at STTC, we've designed our Road Assist™ road service programto include as many different kinds of service as possible - all so that you can get your truck or working vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. All you have to do is call 1-877-748-2825 and we'll be on the scene ASAP - usually in under two hours, no matter where you are, anywhere in the country.

24 Hour Mobile Tire Service Available Through STTC

STTC is widely known as the Northeast's truck tire experts, and we have decades of experience bringing the best tire care to working fleets across the area.  .  Through STTC Road Assist™ you can get absolute top-grade tire repair, retreading, and replacement services no matter where you are, anywhere in the country.

Of course, a lot of different organizations offer similar services. What makes STTC Road Assist™ mobile tire servicedifferent?  

All You Need To Know About STTC Road Assist™ Road Service

If you're on the road and need help, STTC Road Assist™ Road Service is here to get you up and running ASAP!

FAQs about Mobile Tire Service


1. Q: Is there an age limit to casings?


 Answer:  No, for example, waste fleets (garbage trucks) typically will retread a casing with any age.

 (For our stock production we roughly cap the age at 10 years. I’d say roughly 75% of the tires we retreadare less than 7 years to give you an idea of what is common place.)


2.  Q: Why should I pay extra to properly repair a flat tire when plugging is so much cheaper?


The In Depth Process of Repairing Earthmover Tires

When dealing with commercial truck tires, repairs are a fairly easy process.  You start by cleaning the injury, then inserting a plug, and finally covering the injury area with glue, a patch.

Get Back On the Road with Convenient STTC Truck Service

Since 1955 STTC has been relied upon by people across the Northeast for a wide variety ofcar and truck service, along with services for heavy off-road working vehicles. We're your local tire and mechanical truck service experts, and we have more than fifty convenient STTC locations ready to help.

The 5 Clear Benefits of the Tire Retreading Process

Trucking companies across the globe are continually looking for ways to improve their commitment to the environmentOne of the most effectiveoptions available is tire retreading. Within this latest post, we’ll explore the benefits of using retreaded tires for your fleet.

1.    Proven Performance


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