tire road serviceTotal tire performance. Mile after mile. 

Service Tire Truck Centers (STTC) was founded by Walter Dealtrey Sr. in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and was first operated as a 3,000 sq. ft. retread shop in the rear of one of Walt’s retail tire stores. The fledgling company had two production people, one salesman, and one delivery truck. Retread production averaged six tires per day. As of today, STTC has produced over 3,500,000 retreads, has over 40 locations, and employs more than 800 people. 

One of STTC's first workers was Ronald Bennett, who later went on to sales, then became general manager, and in 1979 was named company president. Edward Betz started in retread production in the early 70s and was later named vice president of retread manufacturing. STTC's philosophy of promoting from within is best depicted by the experience of these two officers. Our policy remains the same today, and as we grow, we continue to promote from within whenever possible.

STTC's exceptional products and services, along with our outstanding and dedicated employees, have allowed us to expand steadily into one of the largest commercial tire dealers in the United States. The privately held company is led and owned by: 

  • Ronald Bennett, President/CEO
  • Walter Dealtrey Jr., COO/Secretary/Treasurer
  • Edward Betz, Vice President of Production

All owners have worked in every STTC department at one point in their careers, which gives them hands-on knowledge of what should be expected from both our employees and our customers.

Since 1955, STTC has been helping customers minimize downtime and control costs while keeping their vehicles running at peak performance. Our number-one goal has always been to provide these customers with products and services that exceed their expectations and what is available from our competitors. 

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